ASPRA World LLC Introduces ADventSYSTM System.

An Advanced Venting System!!!


ADventSYSTM is a revolution in venting solution for various Gear Box applications.


For your application such as:

  1. Transmissions,
  2. Power Take off Units
  3. Transfer Cases
  4. Differentials and axles
  5. Gear Boxes
  6. Power Drives etc.
  7. Highway and Off highway applications such as Mining, Construction, Military, Special Vehicles (Aircraft support), Automotive, Marine, Recreational, Industrial etc.


This single piece unit can do the following for you

  • ADventSYSTM  is designed with intake and exhaust valves and filteration system which purifies the intake and exhaust gases thus enhancing lube life and eliminating pollution due to lube fumes.
  • ADventSYSTM  Eliminates oil expulsion.
  • ADventSYSTM  normalizing the pressure in the Gear box by venting air pressure and bleeding vacuum.
  • ADventSYSTM  prevents leakage of oil in the roll over condition hence eliminating fire accidents.
  • ADventSYSTM has a uniquely designed flanges which prevents or minimizes contamination of the system through dirt and mud slurry.
  • ADventSYSTM is made from fire resistant materials.
  • ADventSYSTM  can withstand extreme temperatures both cold and hot.
  • ADventSYSTM  can withstand corrosive environments.
  • ADventSYSTM  is completely recyclable hence environmentally friendly.
  • ADventSYSTM  is completely adaptable to any interface based on customer’s product development needs.
  • ADventSYSTM  can provide significant operational and system cost reduction.
  • ADventSYSTM  is available with various metallic and non metallic material options such as Leaded steel, Aluminum, Nylon composites etc.
  • ADventSYSTM  is available for distribution in Global Markets.
  • ADventSYSTM  is available in 1/8 NPT and 3/8 NPT Threads. Many other interfaces can be built based on client needs.
  • Temperature resistance is upto  400F
  • Compatible with most kinds of oils.


For further Information please contact:


Sameer Sinha



Suite 108

40W.Howard Street

Pontiac MI 48342,


001-248-872-7030 phone








Patent Pending in all major markets. Need to sign non-disclosure for more information.

ADventSYS Presentation